And it all falls down

It is with no feeling or emotion whatsoever that we inform you that we have removed our lead vocalist Mark Pardy from the band after a massive misunderstanding that got blown way out of proportion and regardless of the situation being very clearly explained, we still find it fair to judge him on hypothetical issues that no one can prove, and wish to take things theat someone ELSE said and add that into the mix so we don't feel quite as guilty about it, Why we would do this, i have no idea, since what this person said had nothing to do with Mark, they were not at the event where this HYPOTHETICAL situation took place and he was not even aware that these comments were even made. So due to our own myopic views, the band will never sound the same, yet we still find it appropriate to used the tracks that he wrote the words for and shall continue onward, unblinking and do our best to continue to remove the only thing is his life that meant anything.  So on that note, we shall bid you adieu and you can come see us FAIL to replace him with some have assed little snot nose piece of shit that will never match up to him in any way whatsoever.  Remember... If you want to be a judgemental asshole, just be like us!

Metal to the masses Heat 2 gig for Repulsive Vision RESULT!

Repulsive vision have gone through to the next round of Metal to the Masses after placing Second behind footprints in the custard!

Next round is at Grand Central Manchester again Tuesday May 21st

Metal to the masses Heat 2 gig for Repulsive Vision

Repulsive Vision will be playing the Metal to the masses Second heat in Manchester Grand Central on tuesday February 19th.

Bands confirmed for Heat 2 & running order are:


8.45pm SACRAMENT -




Battle Royal at V40 Barrow in furness

Repulsive vision have been confirmed to play at the battle royal on March 30th at the V40 in  Barrow-In-Furness.

Repulsive Vision Destroy Newcastle

The Destroyer 666 gig suported by Repulsive Vision was an epic triumph!

Loads of great people supporting the band and the headliners were excellent!

Once more we have enjoyed ourselves and loved every minute of it and we hope to return sometime in the future.

Gig in Newcastle with Destroyer 666
Destroyer 666(Aus). Violentor(Ita). Vortex(Uk). Repulsive Vision(UK)
Warehouse 34
Warehouse 34
Hoults Yard, Walker Road


Friday 7th December 2012

Bro(UK) Promotions Present:

Destroyer 666 (Australia)
first ever gig in Newcastle!

UK debut. Raging blackened thrash punk. Motorhead + Speed = these bros!

Local dirty thrashers urgh urgh urgh oowwwwaah!

Repulsive Vision(UK)
Sickening Cumbrian Death Metal!

Awesome gig!!

The newcastle gig was awesome, thanks to all who turned up!

Newcastle gig confirmed!

Repulsive vision have been confirmed for a gig on August 16th in Newcastle

Newcastle, Newcastle Upon Tyne United Kingdom
The Telegraph
Orchard Street
0191 261 8991
Venue Info

Featuring : -

LACERATION - Scotlands answer to Putrid Pile / Insidious Decrepancy LacerationUK

PARTY CANNON - Ridiculous party death metal PartyCannonUK

REPULSIVE VISION - Old School Deathy Grind from Cumbra

PLAGUE RIDER - Old school death metal for fans of old school death metal



For More information


Official Split EP!

Epic news! Wartorn records are 100% commited to releasing a split EP with Repulsive Vision and another band, the other band is yet to be confirmed however.  The EP will consist of 5 tracks from each band, track listing is also yet to be confirmed.  This is a major landmark for Repulsive Vision and we shall keep you updated with further information as it comes to us.

New Tracks online!

GREAT NEWS! we have 2 tracks now available online for your listening... pleasure?

We have Corpse decay and crowd favourite Force Fed acid available on the music page, give them a listen and tell us what you think!

Recording Started!

Recording and mixing has officially started  on our debut album "Look past the gore and see the art" Release date yet to be confirmed.  Watch this space for more info

Shiny new website!

Welcome to our shiny new website, many many hours have been wasted making this thing look... well.... shite, but hey, it does what it needs to, it has a store and everything too so you can pre-order our upcoming debut album... you know you want to... So anyway, look around chill out and play that metal fucking loud!


Repulsive Vision

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