And it all falls down

It is with no feeling or emotion whatsoever that we inform you that we have removed our lead vocalist Mark Pardy from the band after a massive misunderstanding that got blown way out of proportion and regardless of the situation being very clearly explained, we still find it fair to judge him on hypothetical issues that no one can prove, and wish to take things theat someone ELSE said and add that into the mix so we don't feel quite as guilty about it, Why we would do this, i have no idea, since what this person said had nothing to do with Mark, they were not at the event where this HYPOTHETICAL situation took place and he was not even aware that these comments were even made. So due to our own myopic views, the band will never sound the same, yet we still find it appropriate to used the tracks that he wrote the words for and shall continue onward, unblinking and do our best to continue to remove the only thing is his life that meant anything.  So on that note, we shall bid you adieu and you can come see us FAIL to replace him with some have assed little snot nose piece of shit that will never match up to him in any way whatsoever.  Remember... If you want to be a judgemental asshole, just be like us!

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