Mark Pardy : Vocals

Born on February 20 1980 in Wegberg Germany to Norah and David Pardy. Mark was born to parents who were both at one time, radio DJs.  With this being the case, music has always played a large roll in his life growing up to the likes of Black Sabbath, Alice cooper and Pink Floyd.  Later in life Marks musical tastes expanded greatly and he took a keen interest in learning to play various instruments such as the Violin, electric bass and electric guitar, and vocal stylings inspired by Jeff Walker of Carcass and Aaron Stainthorpe of My Dying Bride.  During a random encounter whilst at work, Mark met Repulsive Vision founder Matt Davidson who would later invite Mark to take the role of lead vocalist to the band, first rehearsals were slightly sketchy at best since Mark had no previous experience performing with a band, but subsequent practice sessions were much more satisfying as Marks vocals fell into place with the cacophonous onslaught of music to create something truely inspiring and breathing life back into a genre of music long thought to be dead.


Matt Davidson  : Guitar

Formed Repulsive Vision in the December of 2010 as a one man project by main songwriter, Matt Davidson, Repulsive Vision started as an outlet for ideas that didnt fit into the other projects at the time (The Vile Bodies, Ensnared). After spending a couple of months collating a selection of songs, Matt decided to bring the band to the live scene and began hiring new musicians to work with including the vocal work of Mark Pardy, the bass aggression of Alex Jones and the percussion skills of Gary Young (of Avenger fame). Over the next few months, the band continued to practice and play local gigs while working on new material for both of the upcoming releases, entitled ‘Look Past the Gore and See the Art’ and ‘Severed Deeply’ respectively. With aspirations to tour and gain more fans all over the world, the band hope to spread the word of this style that was thought to be dead. The employment of American, Swedish and British death metal approaches mixed with subtle hints of sludge and grind helps to set this project apart from the majority of the music scene in their native country.

Gary Young : Drums


Alex Jones : Bass



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