Every night the nightmares come
Of tearing flesh and spilling blood,
The pile of corpses at my feet
just putrifying chunks of meat
Vivid dreams of violent slaughter
Open veins spill forth their water
Waves of gore was over me
Tormented mind won't let me be

Twisted and warped
Distorted thoughts
Torture and pain
Course through my veins

The face contorts and twists with pain
The voices tell me "It's a game"
I feel the knife slice through their flesh
Severed tendons, tangled mess
The wretched mass no more than slop
I know it's wrong but I can't stop
Repulsive visions in my brain
I know that i will kill again!

Impulsive actions, I can't control this
Morbid fascination, my mind's cruel mistress
Tormented mind is controlling my life
Sating my bloodlust with the blade of a knife

Every night the same cruel dream
My tortured mind begins to scream
Tormented by the rotting dead
These morbid visions fill my head
Madness tears my mind asunder
Ripped apart by violent hunger
These evil thoughts to tear and slay
I wish they would just go awa
Around my back, the canvas straps
Held in place bonds and clasps
Medication to placate
Or overdose to cease my hate

Twisted and warped
Distorted thougts
Torture and pain
Course through my veins

I'm tormented

Lyrics By Mark Pardy